Data Visualization for NZZ

Data visualizations created for three sport-related articles published in Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ).


Usually data is easily visualizable by basic charts like bar plots that most readers know to decode. Other data however includes complex relations and needs special "viz treatment" making the value encoding and the value decoding more challenging.


How to find more expressive but still understandable ways to visualize data? Exemplary topics are from sports and include the EM 2018 team performance, Swiss Football League's spendings and sales and AI-predicted values of EM 2018's players.


EM 2018 team performance

Every team has different strengths and weaknesses. The problem is to figure out how to compare them and allow the reader to understand the team performance at a glance. EM teams

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Swiss Football League's spendings and sales

The Swiss football league has money and buys a lot of players. But they also sell players to foreign teams and leagues. How can this stream of data be visualized best?


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AI-predicted values of EM 2018's players

We let an AI find out which of the football player's properties are responsible for their high values on the market during EM 2014. We then predicted the players value from the EM 2018 and asked ourselves which player's value would probably rise. How can the concept and data generated by the forecast be visualized in an understandable way?


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